When the Sky Comes Falling Down: How to Respond to the Volatile Crypto Market

I’m sure January 2018 is a month we won’t easily forget: Waves of sheer panic prompted crypto traders worldwide to dump their stock “before it’s too late”, with many even accepting losses up to 20%. But was there really a reason to panic? Let’s examine the Top 3 Reasons people decided to close their positions…
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Best Practices for Bitcoin & Altcoin Traders — Quick Guide 3/3

Feeling restless because of the volatile crypto market? Thinking of selling before it’s too late? You’re not the only one: Every day, thousands of Bitcoin traders make decisions based on uncertainty. Get a peace of mind: Read the third and last chapter of our free Quick Guide to Crypto › (pdf). Below you’ll learn about the…
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Stop Loss, Spread and eight other words you must know

What does Stop Loss Mean? How do I calculate the Spread? — Quick Guide 2/3

From Top Profit (TP) to HODL and Spread: Thousands of novice investors put their savings in cryptocurrencies every day, only to realise they have no clue what these words mean. Not to worry: We’ve all been there! Enjoy the second, expanded chapter of our free Quick Guide to Crypto › (pdf).

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies 2018

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies 2018 — Quick Guide 1/3

We’re kicking off our Blog with a triptych of excerpts from our free Quick Guide to Crypto › (pdf) – starting with our own prediction for the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2018. The Quick Guide is a very basic whitepaper, but it could have saved traders thousands of dollars when all cryptocurrencies got kicked to the curb…
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